Scaffolding Design Services Carlisle

As a professional & experienced scaffold service we can provide high quality, economic and considered scaffold design schemes for a vast array of applications.
Obtaining scaffold design is a central part of what we do & our quality service comes from extensive experience. We use only well recommended & fully qualified scaffold design companies who use the latest CAD, frame analysis & wind loading analysis software complying with the latest codes to produce accurate and detailed design drawings and calculations for scaffolding, false work and formwork.

cad scaffolding drawing
Scaffolding Buildability

Designs can look fantastic on paper, but quickly become useless if due thought and consideration is not given to how the scaffold will be erected by the scaffolding team. How buildable a scaffold is, is fundamental to a good scaffold design. The physical and time limitations need to be considered before the first baseplate is put in place. The time it takes to erect a scaffold and the ease with which is can be done can make one solution more financially viable than another.

When undertaking a new scaffold design project we think about;

  • Buildability
  • Use of materials
  • Safety - removal of a hazard = elimination of risk
  • The people involved in the process

Scaffolding Design

Site Surveys

We provide site surveys in a timely fashion.


Our designs are supported by full calculations prepared using in-house software and structural analysis.


Fully detailed AutoCAD drawings are emailed or posted as required.